Lesson Policies

Where are violin lessons?

I teach in North Balwyn on Tuesdays, Preston on Thursdays and Fridays, and MLC in Kew on Saturdays.

How much do violin lessons cost?

Lessons are $30 for 20 mins, $44 for 30 mins, $65 for 45 mins and $85 for one hour.

How do I pay for violin lessons?

Fees are payable by the term.  I use the Victorian public school terms.

What happens if I miss my violin lesson?

Lessons canceled with less than 24hrs notice are forfeit unless there is an emergency.

When notice is given, the lesson can be rescheduled during that week or subsequent weeks of that term depending on availability.

While I will make every effort to reschedule lessons, if too many are missed it may not be possible to make them up.  Being unable to attend an occasional lesson is understandable, but trying to change more than one or two regular lessons during a term might result in some forfeited lessons.


I will provide resources such as method books, sheet music, audio recordings, flash cards, accessories etc to you at cost, and I am available by email, phone or at my studio during the week to assist with whatever is needed to keep your learning progressing.

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