Tone and Character Development


We do not have to become professional musicians.  If, as a person works at playing the violin well, he develops the talent to overcome any difficult problem by working, then the talent will be born to accomplish even the hardest problems easily.

- Ability Development from Age Zero, p.62

Throughout Shinichi Suzuki’s writings is a repeated emphasis on what is the true purpose of teaching and learning a musical instrument.  Through the process of learning to play a difficult instrument well, the child’s character is gradually developed and this leads to ability, both instrumental ability and the increased ability to think, act and feel in one’s life.

In this book I tell how to develop a person’s aptitude; how a mediocre child is turned into a noble human being and an excellent musician.  I explain how to change a person with stunted ability into a talented one, a mediocre person into an exceptional one.

- Nurtured by Love, p.x

“Music exists for the purpose of growing an admirable heart.”
– Ability Development from Age Zero, p.62
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